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Undergraduate course in Civil Engineering 120

Core Curriculum:




  • 150606 - Disaster Assessment Using Geospatial Techniques Download
  • 150603 - Environmental Engineering Download
  • 150604 - Geotechnical Engineering-1 Download
  • 150601 - Highway Engineering Download
  • 150602 - Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering Download
  • 150605 - Structural Analysis-3 Download


  • 160601 - Advanced Construction Technology Download
  • 160602 - Applied Fluid Mechanics Download
  • 160605 - Earthquake Engineering Download
  • 160606 - Geotechnical Engineering-2 Download
  • 160603 - Railway Bridge and Tunnel Engineering Download
  • 160604 - Water and Wastewater Engineering Download


  • 170605 - Advanced Structural Analysis Download
  • 170606 - Application of Geoinformatics in Civil Engineering Download
  • 170601 - Construction Managements and Equipments Download
  • 170602 - Irrigation Engineering Download
  • 170001 - Project-1 Download
  • 170603 - Structural Design-1 Download
  • 170604 - Urban Transportation System Download


  • 2180609 - Foundation Engineering Download
  • 2180610 - Design of Steel Structures Download
  • 2180611 - Construction Management Download
  • 2180607 - Repair and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures Download

Hod's Message

  • Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines because it deals with constructed environment including planning, designing, and overseeing construction and maintenance of building structures, and facilities, such as roads, railroads, airports, bridges, harbours, channels, dams, irrigation projects, pipelines, power plants, and water and sewage systems.
  • These days there is an immense interest for structural specialists for fulfilling the request of infrastructural advancement alongside abilities, our area of expertise expects to form the understudies to deliver competent, trained quality engineers and managers by presenting them to various parts of Civil Engineering, for example, Structural Examination and Design, Town Planning, Transportation Engineering, Water Resources Management, Geotechnical Designing, Earthquake Engineering and so on.
  • Our area of expertise has a group of qualified and experienced personnel and staff individuals and we are endeavouring hard ceaselessly to enhance the nature of instruction.
  • We are guiding our students about the competition that they will be facing in future in the fields like private consultancy, start ups and another civil engineering professions. We always inspire students to beat the boundries and be on the top of this competitive field. Along with that, those students who want to serve themselves as govenment employees to help the government, our faculties are also eager to guide them well. We are eager to make our students laudable technological experts to contend at worldwide level.
Prof. Savan R. Maniya
Assistant Professor Structural Design
Prof. Jensi chikhaliya
Assistant Professor Soil, Geology and Concrete Technology
Prof. Payal Surati
Assistant Professor Advanced Surveying
Prof. Mehul K. Mojidra
Assistant Professor and Head of the Department Surveying and Valuation
Prof. Prakash K Devganiya
Assistant Professor Concrete Technology
Prof. Maulik G. Kakadiya
Assistant Professor Structural Engineering
Prof. Shailesh B Kalsariya
Assistant Professor Construction Technology
Prof. Bhavin H. Zaveri
Assistant Professor Water and Wastewater Engineering
Prof. Dewangi M. Sailor
Assistant Professor Infrastructure Engineering

Concrete Technology Laboratory

We have advanced Concrete Technology Laboratory, with all the equipments for destructive and non-destructive testing of concrete.

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    "The Gujarat Day Darts Cup-2017" was held on 22nd and 23rd April, 2017 and our student Mr. Piyush Chauhan is the winner of that state level championship. We congratulate him for this

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Winner of Gujarat Dart Championship


Our students Mr. Piyush Chauhan took participation in the Gujarat Dart Championship held on 28th and 29th January, 2017 and stood first in the championship at state level. We congratulate him for this grand achievement.


Winner in Inter-college football championship


The inter-college football chapionship held at Bhagwan Mahavir Foundation Football Ground and students of civil engineering stood first in the tournament. We congratulate them for their big achievement.