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Electrical 60

Core Curriculum:

1st Semester

  • 2110003 - Computer Programming and Utilization Download
  • 2110005 - Elements of Electrical Engineering Download
  • 2110006 - Elements of Mechanical Engineering Download
  • 2110007 - Environmental Studies Download
  • 2110011 - Physics Download
  • 2110014 - Calculus Download

2nd Semester

  • 2110002 - Communication Skills Download
  • 2110013 - Engineering Graphics Download
  • 2110015 - Vector Calculus And Linear Algebra Download
  • 2110016 - Basic Electronics Download
  • 2110017 - Electrical and Electronics Workshop Download
  • 2990001 - Contributor Personality Development Download

3rd Semester

  • 2130002 - Advance Engineering Mathematics Download
  • 2130004 - Engineering Economics and Management Download
  • 2130901 - Circuits And Networks Download
  • 2130902 - Analog Electronics Download
  • 2130903 - Electrical Measurement and Measuring Instruments Download
  • 2130904 - DC Machines and Transformer Download
  • 2130005 - Design Engineering - I A Download

4th Semester

  • 2140910 - Digital Electronics Download
  • 2140906 - AC Machines Download
  • 2140907 - Applied Thermal and Hydraulic Engineering Download
  • 2140908 - Electrical Power Generation Download
  • 2140909 - Field Theory Download
  • 2141005 - Signals and Systems Download

5th Semester

  • 2150903 - Power Electronics I Download
  • 2150907 - Microprocessor and Microcontroller Architechture And Interfacing Download
  • 2150908 - Electrical Power System I Download
  • 2150909 - Control System Engineering Download
  • 2150904 - Elements of Electrical Design Download
  • 2150002 - Institute Elective - Cyber Security Download

6th semester

  • 2160902 - Power Electronics II Download
  • 2160912 - Design of DC Machines and Transformer Download
  • 2160904 - High Voltage Engineering Download
  • 2160907 - Utilization of Electrical Energy and Traction Download
  • 2160908 - Electrical Power system II Download
  • 2160913 - Control of Electrical Drives Download

7th Semester

  • 2170901 - Inter Connected Power System Download
  • 2170908 - Switch Gear and Protection Download
  • 2170909 - Design of AC Machines Download
  • 2170913 - Industrial Instrumentation Download

8th Semester

  • 2180903 - Power System Planning and Design Download
  • 2180901 - Testing and Commissioning of Electrical Equipments Download
  • 2180909 - Power System Operation and Control Download
  • 2180911 - Power Quality and Management Download
  • Prof. Manisha Patel

Hod's Message

The department consists of experienced faculty, well-equipped classrooms, and state of the art lab facilities. The department provides continuous academic improvement through consultation with faculty, industry, electrical engineering professionals, and students.

We emphasize teamwork to give the opportunity to each student to benefit from the ideas and intelligence of their classmates.

With the demand and Need of Industry, we train the futuristic Engineers with Industrial Training/workshop of new technologies to compete and progress in this world.


To meet the challenges of new technological advances and to provide update knowledge in the state of the art technology, re-orientation and up gradation of the curriculum to the level of industry relevant learning and training and thus to be a premier technical department that strives continuously for excellence in education and research.


To produce competent and disciplined Electrical Engineers through a delivery of quality education to meet the ongoing global challenges in alignment with the technical education system and society.


Prof. Manisha Patel
Head Of Departement Instrumentation & Control
Prof. Jackson Prajapati
Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering
Prof. Ashish Gamit
Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering
Prof. Pratik Jariwala
Assistant Professor Electronics & Communication
Prof. Vivek Patel
Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering
Prof. Krupal Dhimar
Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering
Prof. Sanket Patel
Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering
Prof. Snehal Patel
Assistant Professor Power System Engineering
Prof. Pratik Arya
Assistant Professor Power Electronics
Prof. Bhumika Patel
Teaching Assistant Electrical Engineering
Miss. Darshana Patel
Lab Assistant BE(Instrumentation & control)

Computer Laboratory

There are 25 high-speed computers with internet connectivity and latest software installed in them.Our Programming lab is well suited with computers which has programming software with necessary IDE tools.


Machine Laboratory

Electrical Machine laboratory is conducted for the undergraduate students in their second year. In this course students perform basic experiments on Transformers, DC machines, Inductions motors and Synchronous machines. 


High Voltage Engineering Laboratory

The High Voltage Engineering Laboratory (HVEL) at the Mscet is a leading and teaching laboratory in the field of insulation, applied electrostatics, nanodielectrics, pulse power applications, and power electronics. The laboratory is one of the most intensive facilities in Surat and features state-of-the-art technology.  HVEL is also made available  for testing and evaluation.


Industrial Instrumentation Laboratory

The The purpose of training in this lab is to impart an adequate knowledge and expertise to handle equipment generally available in an industry. The training gained by the student in this area will be of immerse help and ease for him in any industrial establishment. It is to impart practical training to the students in the field of calibrating pressure gauges, transducers switches and indicators etc.


Elements of Electrical Engineering Laboratory

Elements of Electrical Engineering Laboratory is used with the instutute core course “Electrical Engineering”. This lab can accommodate about 60 students in a semester. The lab has 12 fully equipped setup benches to carry out numerous fundamental experiments in Electrical Engineering. The experiments are designed to expose students to the practical executions of the fundamental theories of Electrical Engineering.


Switch Gear and Protection Laboratory

This laboratory covers the requirement of power system protection. We conduct experiments for protection of various power system equipments such as protection of generators, transformers, motors and transmission line. The devices used for protection of power system equipments are relays, circuit breakers, current transformers, potential transformers and switches. The lab is equipped with various types of relays such as inverse-definite minimum time relay (IDMT), overcurrent relay and differential relay.


Power Electronics Laboratry

Power Electronics laboratory is used by UG  students with the course on “Basics of Power Electronics ”. This lab has oscilloscopes, signal generators, multimeters, soldering and power electronic modules to carry out experiments.


Electrical Measurement and Measuring Instruments Laboratory

The laboratory is involved in all the areas of study, related to measurement and calibration. It is equipped with all measuring instruments, phase shifting transformers, bridge circuits and induction coil etc. Here students learn to calibrate the meters, verify theorems, and understand hysteresis characteristics & other important concepts related to measuring.

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