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Core Curriculum:

1st Semester

  • 2110014 - Calculus Download
  • 2110002 - Communication skills Download
  • 2110005 - Elements of Electrical Engineering Download
  • 2110006 - Elements of Mechanical Engineering Download
  • 2110013 - Engineering Graphics Download
  • 2110007 - Environmental Studies Download

2nd Semester

  • 2110015 - Vector Calculus And Linear Algebra Download
  • 2110003 - Computer Programming and Utilization Download
  • 2110011 - Physics Download
  • 2990001 - Contributor Personality Development Download
  • 2110004 - Elements of Civil Engineering Download
  • 2110012 - workshop Download
  • Prof. Krupal Dhimmar

Hod's Message

The Department of First Year Engineering takes care of first year engineering students from  5 different branches.Since its establishment, the Department is bestowed with experienced faculty members with specialization in various disciplines of engineering.

Considering the present era and the challenging future, it demands strong basic technical knowledge and continuous growth of engineering students on all facets. The behavioural changes found in the today’s youngsters give rise to the need of continuous assistance and counselling for their professional and personal growth. Also many students are out of home for the very first time and at the tender age of 17-19 years, seek personal attention and moral support.

Enthusiastic, experienced and committed faculty members, dedicated exclusively to First Year Engineering would prove beneficial to improve the quality and productivity of every student. These faculty members leave no stone unturned for the overall development of each and every student right from the very first year of their professional education. The emphasis is given on various activities such as Teaching-Learning, Expert lectures, Site visits, Technical events, Cultural and Sports events and Soft Skills. I welcome all the students in engineering and wish them journey of value addition and overall growth during their engineering education.

Our Vision 

To promote excellence in education for a vibrant and inclusive society through knowledge creation and dissemination.

Our Mission 

  • To Import quality education to meet national and global challenges.
  • To blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills.
  • To inculcate right values among students.
  • To promote leadership qualities among students.



Prof. Krupal Dhimmar
HOD, ASST. PROFESSOR Power Electronics
Prof. Khushbu Das
Head of the Department Mathematics(Number Theory)
Prof. Bhakti Panchal
Assistant Professor Mathematics
Prof. Surbhi Chugh
Assistant Professor Finance
Ankita Nandwani
ASST. PROFESSOR Finance and Mass Communication
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    Village visit of 1st year students was organised on 13th August 2016 at Sonsak,Gujarat.

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