Shift Intake
Computer 60

Core Curriculum:

1st Semester

  • 2110003 - Computer Programming and Utilization Download
  • 2110005 - Elements of Electrical Engineering Download
  • 2110006 - Elements of Mechanical Engineering Download
  • 2110007 - Environmental Studie Download
  • 2110011 - Physics Download
  • 2110014 - Calculus Download

2nd Semester

  • 2110002 - Communication Skills Download
  • 2110013 - Engineering Graphics Download
  • 2110015 - Vector Calculus And Linear Algebra Download
  • 2110016 - Basic Electronics Download
  • 2110017 - Electrical and Electronics Workshop Download
  • 2990001 - Contributor Personality Development Download

3rd Semester

  • 2130002 - Advanced Engineering Mathematics Download
  • 2130004 - Engineering Economics and Management Download
  • 2130702 - Data structures Download
  • 2130703 - Database Management Systems Download
  • 2130005 - Design Engineering - I A Download

4th Semester

  • 2140702 - Operating System Download
  • 2140705 - Object Oriented Programming With C Download
  • 2140706 - Numerical and Statistical Methods for Computer Engineering Download
  • 2140707 - Computer Organization Download
  • 2140709 - Computer Networks Download
  • 2140002 - Design Engineering - I B Download

5th Semester

  • 2150703 - Analysis and Design of Algorithms Download
  • 2150704 - Object Oriented Programming using JAVA Download
  • 2150707 - Microprocessor and Interfacing Download
  • 2150708 - System Programming Download
  • 2150003 - Institute Elective Diaster Management Download
  • 2150002 - Institute Elective Cyber Security Download
  • 2150001 - Design Engineering - II A Download

6th semester

  • 2160701 - Software Engineering Download
  • 2160707 - Advanced Java Download
  • 2160704 - Theory of Computation Download
  • 2160708 - Web Technology Download
  • 2160001 - Design Engineering - II B Download
  • 2160703 - Departmental Elective Computer Graphics Download
  • 2160709 - Departmental Elective Embedded and VLSI Design Download
  • 2160710 - Departmental Elective Distributed operating system Download
  • 2160711 - Departmental Elective Net Technology Download

7th Semester

  • 2170701 - Complier Design Download
  • 2170709 - Information and Network Security Download
  • 2170710 - Mobile Computing and Wireless Communication Download
  • 2170712 - Image Processing Download
  • 2170713 - Service Oriented Computing Download
  • 2170714 - Distributed DBMS Download
  • 2170715 - Data Mining and Business Intelligence Download

8th Semester

  • 2180703 - Artificial Intelligence Download
  • 2180715 - Android Programming Download
  • Head of the Deaprtment

Hod's Message

Our department of Computer Engineering has a team of qualified and experienced faculty and staff members who are striving hard continuously to improve upon the quality of education and to maintain its position of leadership in engineering and technology. We always work with the motto "nothing can be achieved without genuine effort.”

Department of Computer Engineering at MSCET has remained true to the vision on which it was founded by developing a distinct style and method that bridges the theory - practical gap while remaining grounded in the core. Technology changes rapidly, especially in the field of computing. Our understanding is that persons who are clear and thorough about the fundamentals concept of science can adapt to rapid changes in technology easily. We want the education imparted to our students to be the basis of a life time learning.

Many of our students have been recognized for their innovative projects.

The teaching module comprises lectures, tutorials and practical. The methodology adopted in the classroom teaching is based on application of innovative strategies, comprehensive lectures, regular assignments and interaction between teachers and students.

Prof. Mrugesh Patel
Assistant Professor .net Technology
Prof. Pranav Rangwala
Assistant Professor Cloud Computing
Prof. Mit Patel
Assistant Professor Image Mining
Prof. Rajnik Katariya
Assistant Professor Data Mining
Prof. Viral Patel
Assistant Professor Network Security
Prof. Mitul Patel
Assistant Professor Data Mining
Prof. Hardi Desai
Assistant Professor Image Processing

Networking Lab

Our Networking Lab is well suited with computers which has Internet facility with necessary hardware and software required. In all the computer new technology software is installed . 


Project Lab

We also have a Project Lab that is useful for the student to know new technology and innovation.


Programming Lab

Our Programming lab is well suited with computers which has programming software with necessary IDE tools.


Operating System Lab

Our Operating System Lab is well suited with a Linux Studio Lab that is useful for the student to know new technology.


Class Rooms

Our Classrooms are well designed by architecture that have natural air and proper sound balance between class. There is separate seminar hall and drawing hall for Computer Graphics and Drawing.

Images The Smart India Hackathon 2017
Start Date:April, 1st 2017
End Date:April, 3rd 2017

The Smart India Hackathon 2017


Our students participated at National Level Competition who provided software solution to India Post and were appreciated and also will be working with Bhartiya Dak (India Post) for further implementation.The competition was registered in Guinness Book of World Record as well as Limca Book of Records for coding 36 hours non-stop.


Sports & Curricular Activities


Girls Team (4th and 8th sem) have got 1st rank in volley ball competition in Spandan-2017 at BMEF.


Sports & Curricular Activities


Kumar Atendra (Captain of MSCET football team - 6th Sem) has got 1st rank in football competition in Spandan-2017 at BMEF Campus.


Wait Lifting and Body Buidling Competition by GTU


Uzer Patel got gold medal of wait lifting and body building competition at GTU..